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Welcome to The Parenting Resource Network: An Initiative of the Friedberg JCC

Temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, sleeping through the night, eating healthy, separation anxiety and the list goes on. What parent doesn't struggle with one or more of these challenges when trying to raise a happy, healthy child?

See below for information on our upcoming Parenting workshops.

Feel free to call our Parent Warmline with any parenting questions or concerns: 516-240-6018




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Mark Your Calendar:


Being a parent is complicated.

There are no easy answers but ......you're not alone!

Join us for a discussion of the many issues that come up, including but not limited to:  

Discipline: Setting Limits; Tantrums;  Time Out tips

Defusing Anger - Yours and Theirs

When Parents Disagree

Misbehavior - Help Your Child to Really Listen

Building Self-Esteem: Smart Use of Praise and Encouragement 

Who's the Boss? When Kids Rule the Roost


If you think of parenting as a journey then it sometimes helps to stop and ask directions!

Parenting groups will resume in the Fall.

Watch this space for announcement of new dates.

Have a great summer.


at Friedberg JCC in Oceanside (15 Neil Court)

Free and open to the community.

Complimentary child care available with advance reservation only.

Call 516-634-4192 to reserve.



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WED. AUGUST 13TH AT 10:00am

Parent Education Workshop


Is It Time to Go Back to School




Getting your child ready for September.


 It's all about making the transition a smooth and easy one. Come hear tips for shifting from the more carefree, lazier days of summer to the more structured expectations of fall.


Transitions can be very important in a young child's development with each step building their confidence and self-esteem.


Take advantage of the next few weeks to slowly gear up for the inevitable changes that September will bring.


Put the date on your calendar now so you don't miss out.

RSVP requested - call (516) 634-4192.


at Friedberg JCC in Oceanside (15 Neil Court)

Free and open to the community.

Complimentary child care available with advance reservation only.

Call 516-634-4192 to reserve.




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Calling all Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - either full time or part time.

On going information and support group meets monthly. Next group is

TUESDAY, August 12th at 10:00am will be held at

THE FRIEDBERG JCC, 15 Neil Court, Oceanside.

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Evening Parenting
Discussion Group
will resume in the Fall.

    at Friedberg JCC in Oceanside (15 Neil Court)

    Free and open to the community.


    Call 516-634-4192 to reserve.



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The Parenting Resource Network brings together community and government agencies, libraries, hospitals, school districts, nursery schools and child care centers in one easy to navigate resource to provide answers to these and other questions parents may have.

In addition to this online directory of resources for parents to access, the Network has a "Warmline" -- (516) 240-6018 -- for parents to call to get information, reassurance, support and guidance.
The Parenting Resource Network links together agencies that are involved in early childhood and parent education. Each organization recognizes the importance of the first five years of life to a child's future educational achievements and wants to help parents maximize that potential. Parents can call the Parenting Resource Network for information, search this Website, or visit us at the Friedberg JCC.






Warmline: 516-240-6018
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